Executive Duties

PRESIDENT – voting position 

The President will normally have held an Executive position the previous year. 


  • – be present at all club meetings, or ensure that the Vice President is present 
  • – call and preside at all Executive meetings 
  • – solicit agenda items from the Executive and club members 
  • – preside over the Annual General Meeting 
  • – In consultation with the Executive develop and approve a strategic plan and budget for the year 
  • – ensure that all Executive members perform their duties and assist them in any way possible 
  • – ensure that all club races and activities have a director 
  • -He/she has the option of attending meetings for 1 year after their term is finished and shall maintain their voting rights for that period.

VICE PRESIDENT – voting position 

This person is the contact in the event that the President is unavailable. The support provided by this position to the President helps share the workload. 


  • -will assume the Presidential duties in the event that the President is unavailable
  • -will assist other Executive members with their duties if/when required
  • – will coordinate the annual KRR awards – Male and Female Runner of the Year, Volunteer of the Year 

SECRETARY – voting position 


  • – assists the President in preparing agendas for all meetings 
  • -attends club meetings for the purpose of taking minutes 
  • – prepare and circulate minutes to all members of the Executive as soon after the meeting as is practical 
  • – keep the club minute book in an orderly, neat and current manner 
  • – In co-operation with the Executive, update the club policy book to reflect any changes in club policy/direction 
  • -assist the Executive with correspondence (I.E. thank-you letters and sponsorship requests letters, etc…)
  • – maintains Annual KRR Awards database  

TREASURER- voting position 


  • – removes collects the mail from the club PO Box at least once a week and distributes to the appropriate Executive members. This duty may be shared with another Executive member.
  • -control cash receipts and disbursements of the club’s funds in accordance with the approved annual budget and spending motions duly passed by the Executive, ensuring timely payments of all bills 
  • – is responsible for all banking activity I.E. deposits of funds and preparation of monthly banking reconciliations 
  • – oversees/controls funds for club races. In collaboration with each Race Director, prepares the financial report for each race or event 
  • – controls funds for all club social activities 
  • – prepares annual financial statement 
  • – attends Executive meetings to provide updated financial summaries 

RACE DIRECTOR(S) – voting position


  • – If no coordinator is available, the race director(s) will take on the above duties for their specific event (amended 27-Sep-08) and has a vote 
  • -carry out all duties as per the race information binder to ensure a successful race
  • – update race information binders as required 
  • -recruit a volunteer coordinator or contacts club members to volunteer for race related duties 
  • – attends Executive meetings 
  • -Operates within the approved race budget 

MEMBERSHIP- voting position 

Manages registration of The individual who is most active in the solicitation of new members and membership renewals. 


  • – maintains updated membership lists  
  • – ensures that all members are registered with BC Athletics 
  • – ensures that all members have paid their membership fees
  • – revises the membership form as needed, ensuring that they consult with BC Athletics beforehand
  • – attends Executive meetings

I.R.A. REPRESENTATIVE- voting position 

Acts as the club liaison with the Interior Running Association.  


  • – attends all I.R.A. meetings or ensures that the club is represented 
  • – supports the club/Executive viewpoint at I.R.A meetings 
  • – attends Executive meetings 

WEBMASTER – voting position


  • – adds content as directed by executive  
  • – maintains and updates club webpage on a regular basis 
  • – manages club member editor access to site and pages
  • -attends executive meetings 

SOCIAL COORDINATOR – voting position

  • Organizes the club social events throughout the year 
  • Operates within the approved social events annual budget 
  • – attends executive meetings

PAST PRESIDENT – voting position


  • – will be available to provide mentorship to the Executive 
  • – is there to provide continuity and aid in the transition from one Executive to the next 
  • – attends Executive meetings for a period of 1 year. After this time, attending meetings is optional. 
  • -is a voting member of the executive for a period of 1 year 

PRIZES –(non-voting Executive position)


  • – solicit prizes sponsorship in the form of cash or draw prizes for club events 
  • – maintains a master list of donors sponsors approached, prizes received and ensures that donors sponsors are acknowledged for their donations (the secretary is responsible for preparing the letters)
  • – attending Executive meetings is optional

PUBLICITY (non-voting Executive position) 


  • – ensures that all event results are transmitted to the media  
  • – Co-ordinates any promotion, advertising and printing associated with club events 

EQUIPMENT MANAGER –(non-voting Executive position) 


  • – is in charge of booking the club’s timing system for all races and events and ensuring that payment is received 
  • – arranges transportation of the timing system to races/events and oversees their correct usage 
  • – prepares invoices where required for rentals 
  • – controls access to and removal/return of KRR equipment from the storage space 
  • – conducts an annual inventory of all equipment