Annual General Meeting Agenda

Kamloops Ridge Runners

October 19th 2023

  1. Welcome and call to order
    • Confirmation of Quorom
  1. Adoption of Agenda
  1. Adoption of Minutes from Previous AGM, November 29, 2022
  1. Reports:
  1. New business:
    • coach
    • club shirts
    • Discussion from the floor
  1. Special Achievements:
  1. Election of Directors
  1. Adjournment

Kamloops Ridge Runners – Minutes of AGM November 29, 2022

  1. Welcome and Call to Order: President Monika Kriedemann called the meeting to order at 7:07pm.
    • Confirmation of Quorom: 21 in attendance.
      • In attendance: Phil Hiom, Carman-Anne Schulz, Jen Thibault, David Montpetit, Dan Yancey, Carol Yancey, David Graham, Monika Kriedemann, Brian Malerby, Bob Trudeau, Bart Cummins, Michelle Ziebart, Evan Vike, Rick Cameron, Matt Treger, Linda Woodbury, Carrie Stiles, Mike Thomas, Elaine Warner, Ray Warner, Brian Grant.
  2. Adoption of Agenda: Moved by Carman-Anne Schulz. Seconded by Bart Cummins.
  1. Adoption of Minutes of Previous AGM December 9, 2021: Moved by Ray Warner. Seconded by Carman-Anne Schulz. Passed.
  1. Reports:
    • President (Monika Kriedemann):
      • Monika welcomed members to the 2022 AGM and reviewed annual events. 2022 was a welcome “come back” year as many of our members have returned to weekly runs (not back to pre-Covid numbers, but we are getting there). We hosted both of our annual runs and are back to holding some socials (ice cream run, pub run, annual picnic). Hoping to get monthly socials back on the calendar for 2023. Tuesday runs have been changed to Monday nights (Matt organizing structured training – speed drills, hill work, intervals). In addition to last years executives, Monika thanked Bob Trudeau for scheduling & leading runs, Dave Montpetit for posting schedule to website and Carman-Anne Schulz for leading when needed.
    • Membership (Michelle Ziebart):
      • 2022 – 75 members (up from 48 in 2021). Again, almost back to pre-Covid numbers. Held draws for prizes to be collected by members at the weekly run (an effort to bring more members out). Renewal for 2023 went live early November and provides people with the final part of 2022 free. Revised Membership Renewal Form: in order to streamline and reduce confusion, removed the “Competitive” option.
    • Race Director (Matt Treger):
      • 37th Annual Spring Run-Off (Sunday, March 13th): Late start for planning as Covid restrictions had just lifted. Due to construction in Westsyde, race location needed to be changed (moved to Overlander Park for start/finish; race loop out Schubert and back). As we plan to keep this new location, Bart Cummins has certified the course (5 and 10 km). 126 racers attended.
      • 36th Annual Blackwell Dairy Run (Saturday, May 29th): Perfect weather and excellent turn-out – 173 racers. Blackwell Dairy provided ice cream & chocolate milk. We hired Paddlewheelers for the pancake breakfast again this year. Cost to rent gym (covered by KRR) $750 which was a significant increase to this year’s expenses. Gym opened late so race also started a little late. Overall cost was up, but we decided to keep our tickets prices the same.
    • Treasurer (Carol Yancey): 2022 Annual Financial Statement (see attached).
      • Financial Statement:
        • As of October 31, 2022 bank balance is $12,749.94 (up about $4000 from last year).
        • Profits: Spring Run Off $1822.78 and Blackwell Dairy $204.28.
        • Term Deposits: $13,442.95
        • Motion to accept 2022 Financial Report: Motioned by David Graham. Seconded by Carrie Stiles. Passed.
    • IRA Representative (Bart Cummins):
      • Everyone is very happy in-person races are back! 8 Road Races and 8 Cross Country races were hosted. Attendance went up as the year progressed. Plan to keep virtual races live as they are quite popular. Looking to increase number of races on the calendar; one way to do this would be to revive old/dead races (Bare As You Dare, Ugly Sweater 5km).
  1. New Business:
    • Discussions from the floor:
      • Carman-Anne Schulz: We should make more of an effort to carpool and more Ridge Runners to the out-of-town races. To build team spirit and club atmosphere.
      • Carrie Stiles: We should have “Monthly Mentions” for members who achieve goals (first 5km, ultra’s, marathons etc). Need volunteers for this.
    • Special Achievements:
      • Marianne Butcher – Ironman Penticton (5th in her age group).
      • Gerry Sargent – Ironman Penticton.
      • Monika Kriedemann – Ironman Penticton.
      • Matt Treger – Fat Dog Ultra.
      • Carrie Stiles and Amy Tucker – 55+ Games (swimming) and just back from Abudabi.
      • Jon Shephard – Bucking Hell.
    • Election of Directors:
      • President: Monika Kriedmann
      • Vice President: Matt Norton
      • Bob Trudeau Memorial Spring Run Off Race Director : Grace Hiom
      • Blackwell Dairy Run Race Director: -Vacant-.
      • Treasurer: Carol Yancey
      • Membership: David Montpetit
      • Webmaster: Brain Malerby
      • IRA: Jordan Sim
      • Secretary: Paola Carrea Flores
      • Social Activites: Paola Monslave
    • All board members were “Elected By Acclamation
    • Appointment of Additional Executives: To be discussed at first board meeting.
      • Prizes: Carman-Anne Schulz
      • Promotions: Bart Cummins
  1. Adjourned: 8:06pm.