COVID-19 Update

The KRR Board met on June 3rd to discuss the current status of COVID-19.

Short version: At this time, all group runs and social events are still cancelled.

Longer version: Looking forward, there are a number of protocols and procedures that will need to be established and followed. This is not only at the club level, but at a provincial one.As KRR is insured through BC Athletics, any activities must abide by their direction in order to maintain our insurance.One of the requirements will be a new waiver issued through BC Athletics.

Once the new protocols are in place, KRR will need to figure out how to implement the required logistics. These protocols go beyond the basics of social distancing.

Included below are some the items being considered by BC Athletics.

*New waivers are being made by BC Athletics and Athletics Canada. These waivers once completed and approved by BC Athletics Lawyers will need to be signed before club / run leader activities can resume and have Liability and Sport Accident Insurance in place (knowing that COVID-19 claims will not be covered).

*These are the current issues our club has as risk factors to mitigating risk:
1. Will the club include participants (athletes or coaches) at higher risk of severe COVID-19 disease (e.g. people over 65 years of age or people with underlying health conditions)?
2. Physical distancing measures in place or gathering size restrictions in our area.

*Attendance at multiple events per week is not encouraged. Participants would need to choose one group run and only attend that run each week. Not alternating between different groups.
*Sets of Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) (i.e. Masks, Gloves & Eye Protection) must be available onsite to be donned by coach / safety monitor in case of injury and hands on assistance needed. • If athletes, coaches, club personnel, choose to use PPE while attending training sessions they must ensure it is properly discarded or cleaned after use.”
If you would like to read more about the Back on Track work being done: Athletics Canada information here.

Keep in mind, every other running club and sporting group in Canada is going through this same process. Groups are collaborating in order to come up with a solution so everyone can back to their groups as soon and safely as possible.

Int the meantime, stay healthy and safe. Outdoor activities are encouraged as long as people follow the advice of Dr Bonnie Henry.

Thank You
Kamloops Ridge Runner Board