Slow Steady

Hosted and Managed by Sherry Maligaspe

These events are slower for those that want to take it easy. Where running is encouraged but not required.

6:30 PM every Tuesday and Thursday at the following locations

Date Location

For June/July and Aug we will be linking up with the 6:15 group at Riverside Park tennis courts. It’s very hit and miss with people coming and going  with  holidays,  the lake,  it’s too hot,  it’s too busy,  the beer kept me captive on the lawn chair ….

Tues June 6th – MIA

Tues June 13 – Downtown Y

Tues June 20 – McCracken Pub – ( I sense a bevie after)

Tues June 27- Mac Island Arena

Tues July 4th – Pioneer Park

Tues July 11th – Northshore Dairy Queen (Birthday ice cream 🙂 )

30+ Years on the run