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Kamloops Ridge Runner Club Membership

  • January 1 to December 31
  • BC Athletics Membership
  • Weekly Runs
  • Socials
  • Discount at Kamloops Ridge Runner Hosted Races
  • $45 (household discount available)

Choose your preferred member registration method:

*In a household each member must complete this form. A household of two would have two completed forms: primary member at $45 and additional family member at $35 for a total of $80.

New Members buying memberships for this year after September are granted membership for the following year. (BCA Membership FAQ’S)

Household is defined as the primary member and their additional family members.

Primary Member is defined as the individual paying full price for their Kamloops Ridge Runner membership.

Additional Family Member is defined as a significant other or a dependent living at the primary member’s residence. Additional family members are entitled to $10 discount. When using the manual member registration form all members must have a completed form, 4 members 4 forms. The 3 Additional Family Members can apply $10 discount on their membership forms.

BC Athletics Membership is required. KRR Membership includes BCA Non-Competitive Membership Training . You can upgrade your BCA Membership any time during the term. Upgrades are non-refundable. Details of BCA Memberships are on the BCA web page, Use one of the following methods of upgrading your BCA Membership…

(on-line Upgrade BCA is coming)

Any questions please Contact Us

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